Beyond London 2012: Brands can still have a place to shine during the Olympics

2012 London Olympics If you are still thinking about your marketing activities during London 2012 Olympics, LOCOG has announced that although they are closing in on their sponsorship target, there are still ways that you can associate your brand with the Games.

Last week, Marketing Magazine discussed the opportunities for brands to align themselves with the world’s biggest sporting event. Even if you don’t have the budget to become an official sponsor, you can still work on innovative ways to expose your brand to mass audiences without breaking any rules.

A couple of months ago we featured an article on “how to make your brand stand out during the 2012 Olympics”, with our top 5 tips to leverage your experiential activity during the Games. The average of campaigns consumers are exposed to everyday is ridiculously high and the value with experiential marketing is creating inspiring experiences and content that people will want to talk about. The biggest issue for brands will be not planning an engagement strategy within adequate time and with an adequate budget.

If you want to reach new audiences (both overseas and nationals coming into London) then find out what you can legally do without stepping on the toes of the official sponsors and partners.

Hotcow can help your brand break through the clutter and stand out during London 2012 Olympic Games. For more information, contact us.

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